Biscuit has now confessed that his nickname comes from a little more than simply being "underfoot" while his grandma was cooking.  The true story is that while she wasn't looking, he snuck in the kitchen and devoured an entire pan of biscuits by himself!  When Grandma discovered what he had done, she dubbed him by his now famous name.  And that - is why he is aptly nicknamed - "BISCUIT"!

Dave "Biscuit" Miller vocals and bass, Myron "Dr Love" Robinson on drums and vocals "Shout Out To The Godfather"

Earl's Hideaway - Sebastian, Fl - 6/2/2013
Biscuit Miller & The Mix headlining the 2014 Blue Crab Festival in Palatka, FL on Sunday 5/25/2014 - featuring Biscuit Miller - vocals/bass, Myron Robinson aka Dr. Love -drums, Bobby Wilson - guitar (left) and Alex Smith - guitar (right)
The best groovin' full throttle dance intro by Biscuit Miller followed by the song "Papa Was a Rollin' Stone that the 'Temptations' made famous. Biscuit Miller and the Mix are jammin' tight with their distinct flavor of down home Shake n' Bake! Filmed at Pineapple Willy's in Panama City Beach Florida.

Biscuit Miller

     Born and raised on the south side of Chicago by his Grandmother; he was given his childhood nickname, Biscuit, after always being in the kitchen and underfoot while she was trying to cook. Growing up at Grandma’s house also gave Biscuit his love and appreciation for music, as gospel and soul were played in the home on a regular basis.
     While visiting his friend Datrick’s house one afternoon, Biscuit spotted a four string electric bass sitting in a corner collecting dust and decided to check it out. The bass belonged to Datrick’s older brother, Darnell, who taught him a couple of songs. Biscuit took to it like a fish in water, “It was easy to play and I fell in love with it immediately”. So at the tender age of eleven years old, Biscuit Miller was born into the “Blues”. It didn’t take long until he formed his first band, Clever, with Ivan Wallace, his childhood friend. They moved to Minneapolis in 1982 where Sonny Rogers taught him a lot about playing basic blues. During his time with Rogers, they recorded “They Call Me the Cat Daddy”, which won Rogers a Handy Award for Best New Artist. Unfortunately, Sonny passed away before he was able to accept the award. Biscuit then went on to play with other respected blues artists such as, Mojo Buford (formerly with Muddy Waters) and Lady Blue (backup vocalist for Ike and Tina Turner).
     One day, Biscuit received a phone call requesting him to come back home to sub for Chicago’s own legendary Lonnie Brooks who needed a bass player for one night. That one night lasted for over ten years as Biscuit became the permanent bass player for the Lonnie Brooks Band. “The years I spent with Lonnie were invaluable to me as a musician. I learned so much about the music business and being on the road – we played some incredible gigs such as President Clinton’s inauguration and I met and performed with many of my own idols while traveling with Lonnie and the band. During the winter months, we didn’t tour as much, so I spent time sitting in with various musicians and in 2000 I formed Biscuit and the Mix to fill up some of the down-time”. During this time, he recorded a CD “Come Together”. One of the bands Biscuit frequently sat in with was the up and coming Anthony Gomes Band. During one of those sessions, he was asked to join the band full time and he decided to take Anthony up on his offer. During the five years with the Anthony Gomes Band, they released five CD’s, Unity, Sweet Stringin' Soul, Long Way Home, Music is the Medicine, and the latest, Live at the Triple Door. 

     A heavy touring schedule of over 250 gigs a year in the US and abroad have led to a dedicated fan base. In 2012 Biscuit’s fun and funky style of bass playing earned him the Blues Music Award for Bassist of the Year. He also took 2nd place in the bassist category in the Blues Matters International Writers Poll. Biscuit Miller and The Mix are once again on the road with his latest CD “BLUES WITH A SMILE” and ready to bring a smorgasbord of fun to your party. What’s better than a bowlful of Soulful, Funky Blues stew? A pipin’ hot Biscuit, of course!

By:  Doris Paddack

A Funky Blues Stew Designed to Get a Club Dancin’!
— The Daily Times

What We've Achieved

  • 2012 Blues Music Award Winner - Bassist of the Year