A Holiday Wish

During this time of year, when families and friends are coming together to rejoice for the Holidays, we also want to remember that many Americans, some of them children, who are not included in the American Dream. The marginalized poor have no home to illuminate, no tree to decorate and no table to set with a Holiday Feast.

Somehow we have to spread cheer to them, one kindness at a time, one person to another at a time, not just during the Holidays, but throughout the year, until we bridge the gap and they can fulfill their true potential. 

I feel blessed to be working with such a great team of Artists. They are people who genuinely care about the the less fortunate and are aware of their day to day struggles to survive and become whole. I sincerely wish that all of us can be part of this process, to help one another with Love & Kindness

Happy Holidays from all of us at Blues Pros Talent  



Harty Wiedemann

Blues Pros LLC