New Board Game!!!

Want to check out the latest and coolest blues merch!? BluesPros and Victor Wainwright have teamed up to bring the coolest thing in the planet right to your doorstep! We all know that life as a blues musician is tough. Long hours traveling, road food, van problems, taxes, not a lot of money, and just getting by being happy playing music. This board game is part of a series and a humorous satire that shows the lighter side of that dilemma! To make the game bigger than life, we exaggerated the numbers for the sheer thrill of it all! Only in our dreams do we make this kind of money, hahaha! But please, check it out, enjoy and help show your support by picking up this one of a kind souvenir and sure to be collector's item!

Created by Harty Wiedemann for Victor Wainwright and Blues Pros LLC,